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General Information About Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is a state in northern India, frequently denoted by way of the acronym J&okay. It is placed in most cases in the Himalayan mountains, and shares borders with the states of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab to the south. Jammu and Kashmir has an international border with China within the north and east, and the road of manage separates it from the Pakistani-administered territories of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan in the west and northwest respectively. The state has specified autonomy below Article 370 of the constitution of India. Part of the erstwhile Princely State of Kashmir and Jammu, the neighborhood is the field of a territorial conflict amongst China, India and Pakistan.

The western districts of the previous princely state referred to as Azad Kashmir and the northern territories referred to as Gilgit-Baltistan were under Pakistani manipulate seeing that 1947. The Aksai Chin vicinity in the east, bordering Tibet, has been below chinese control on the grounds that 1962. Jammu and Kashmir consists of three regions: Jammu, the Kashmir Valley and Ladakh. Srinagar is the summer season capital, and Jammu is the iciness capital. Jammu and Kashmir is the one state in India with a Muslim-majority population. The Kashmir valley is famous for its lovely mountainous panorama, and Jammu's countless shrines attract tens of hundreds of thousands of Hindu pilgrims each 12 months. Ladakh, often referred to as "Little Tibet", is renowned for its far flung mountain magnificence and Buddhist tradition.


Jammu & Kashmir Culture


Ladakh is famous for its unique Indo-Tibetan culture. Chanting in Sanskrit and Tibetan language forms an quintessential a part of Ladakh's Buddhist lifestyle. Annual masked dance gala's, weaving and archery are an fundamental part of typical lifestyles in Ladakh. Ladakhi food has much in common with Tibetan food, the most prominent meals being thukpa, noodle soup; and tsampa, identified in Ladakhi as Ngampe, roasted barley flour. Usual garb includes gonchas of velvet, elaborately embroidered waistcoats and boots, and gonads or hats. Persons adorned with gold and silver ornaments and turquoise headgears throng the streets during Ladakhi gala's. Shikaras are a original characteristic in lakes and rivers across the Kashmir valley. The Dumhal is a noted dance in the Kashmir Valley, carried out via men of the Wattal vicinity. The women participate in the Rouff, an additional natural folk dance. Kashmir has been noted for its quality arts for centuries, together with poetry and handicrafts. Shikaras, common small picket boats, and houseboats are a fashioned feature in lakes and rivers across the Valley. The structure of India does not enable persons from areas rather then Jammu and Kashmir to buy land within the state. As a consequence, houseboats grew to be wellknown among folks who had been unable to buy land in the Valley and has now turn out to be an imperative part of the Kashmiri lifestyle.



Ladakh is a mountainous region and the coldest desert in the world. In Ladakh the nature has rendered a magical, unbelievable and fantastic landscape which is extremely breathtaking. Ladakh lies in the north-east region of India and is surrounded by the world’s highest mountain ranges, Karakoram and Great Himalayas. The Ladakh district occupied Kashmir in the west and China in the north. Ladakh is an exotic destination considered as the highest plateau lying at an altitude of 9, 800 ft.



Kashmir, the “Paradise on Earth”, is known for its captivating beauty. It is encircled by three mountain ranges of the Himalayas – Karakoram, Zanaskar and Pir Panjal, running from northwest to northeast. Forming the backdrop of Kashmir, these snow-capped ranges makes Kashmir look like a picture of a fairytale. Dazzling rivers, serene lakes, splendid gardens, flowering meadows, etc are some other features of the landscape of the Kashmir valley. The breathtaking beauty of Kashmir has earned it the name of “Switzerland of East”. Nothing describes the beauty of Kashmir better than the following words of Mughal empror



Jammu is the largest city in the Jammu Division and the winter capital of state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is situated on the banks of the Tawi River. It is administered by a municipal corporation.

Jammu & Kashmir Weather

The climate of Jammu and Kashmir varies greatly owing to its rugged topography. In the south around Jammu, the climate is typically monsoonal, though the region is sufficiently far west to average 40 to 50 mm (1.6 to 2 inches) of rain per month between January and March. In the hot season, Jammu city is very hot and can reach up to 40 °C (104 °F) whilst in July and August, very heavy though erratic rainfall occurs with monthly extremes of up to 650 millimetres (25.5 inches). In September, rainfall declines, and by October conditions are hot but extremely dry, with minimal rainfall and temperatures of around 29 °C (84 °F).

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    Kashmir is World famous for its beauty from ages old and one of the Great Mughal Princes has praised its beauty by calling it a " Paradise on earth ! ".The Valley of Kashmir is full of the mighty mountains, Lush Greenery , blossoms of pinks , whites, yellows and flowers of all the rarest varieties. Rainbows spread across the blue skies. Meadows are spangled with daisies , flower beds with pansies, primroses, hyacinths and daffodils grow all over. Almond, cherry, apples strawberries are in abundance. Rivers, Lakes, snow-caped mountains, dense forests, Hill stations you can't think of any heavenly beauty which is missing in this piece of heaven !

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